Tune Up – Bog Standard

Recent research indicates that 40% of secondary school pupils think their school toilets are too disgusting to use and 38% of girls won’t use their school toilets. The Bog Standard campaign from ERIC (Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence) has launched a new award for schools that care about their pupils’ toilet facilities.


The School Toilet Award launch was prompted by a recent survey of 160 UK schools and 49 school and specialist nurses, which revealed a universal call for minimum standards for school toilet facilities.

School toilets are often neglected due to lack of funding, inadequate regulations and simply because other priorities get in the way. But school toilets are vital – they affect pupils, their education and their health.

Poor standards of facilities, lack of toilet paper and smelly conveniences were top of the complaints listed, 62% of schools have complaints from their pupils.

Schools stated that only 36% of staff are aware that the children’s toilets are smelly.

13% of cubicles had missing locks and lacked sufficient supplies of soap and one in 10 admitted there was no toilet paper.

The Bog Standard campaign aims to improve toilet facilities for pupils. Toilet-related health problems such as incontinence can be caused or worsened by school toilets and restrictions on access. The School Toilet Award will encourage and reward schools to take their pupils’ health seriously by providing toilets that meet the needs of pupils.

Is your child’s school involved? If not you can visit for more information.