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How to build the ultimate tree house

Steve Backshall
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

TV presenter and naturalist’s top tips Steve Backshall’s top tips will help you create the ultimate hideaway.

It’s the stuff childhood dreams are made of – and grown ones too. And you don’t need to be a whizz with the hammer and nails to do it.

If you’ve always dreamed of building your own tree house but don’t know where to start, BAFTA-winning TV presenter and naturalist Steve Backshall has devised a list of top tips to help you create the ultimate hideaway. Backshall, best know for BBC’s Deadly 60, says: “The beauty of tree houses is their ability to encourage the imagination, so don’t worry too much about designing something that’s all bells and whistles, but instead play up the rustic natural environment – perhaps with the addition of fought-cut wood tables and chairs, or with trees painted on the walls that bring the outside in.”

Here’s what you need to consider

Don’t worry too much about the height. Being just off the floor has as much of a magical feel as towering up high in the canopy – it’s about creating something you can enjoy together.

Consider the tree (if you have one)

If you’re lucky enough to have a number of big trees in your garden then pick one with a sturdy trunk and branches. If you’re opting for a lower tree house, try to pick a tree or bush with low-hanging branches so you’re nestled in the leaves, creating the illusion of being up high.

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