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2014 – Trends for Parents’ Bedrooms

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Parents need a special space of their own to relax and unwind after a hectic day with the children, so here are the biggest trends of 2014 to inspire you.

Your bedroom is yours (and probably your partner’s) personal sanctuary, a room where you can relax and unwind after a long day – or maybe grab the occasional lie-in. It is a hugely important room, being the first sight after waking and the last thing seen before we sleep. Couples need to have a balancing act where the room suits you both and with a variety of trends to choose from, there is plenty to appeal to all parties.

Radiant Orchid

This harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink is Pantone’s colour of 2014 and is set to influence product development this year in not only interior design but also fashion and graphic design. It pairs perfectly with Dulux’s colour of the year – Teal Blue – and also goes nicely with olive greens, or deeper hunter shades, as well as being certain to brighten up any neutral tones. It may be overpowering in large quantities, but a statement wall or bed linen in this shade can work perfectly. Don’t forget to add the finishing touch – a real orchid to bring beauty to the room.

Oriental Spice

Think cherry-blossom, spice and rich colours of the orient pared with Japanese minimalism. Hard flooring is a definite for this clean look, and look out for on-trend bamboo furniture and paper lanterns to add that oriental elegance to the room. Add an Asian screen to break up a big room. Go for an origami inspired patterned wallpaper, fabric or a wall hanging on a panel behind the bed – a great way to add more colour. Radiant orchid would fit well into this trend.


In a bedroom in Denmark, the bed tends to be the centrepiece in a room and they tend to be low, large and striking, often in traditional wood. However, black and white furniture can be striking as walls and floors tend to be white or pale grey – a wooden floor, sometimes whitewashed, can be very attractive in this trend. Use digitally printed photographic duvet covers (contact Nordic nature) and pillowcases in black, grey and white, or even white bed linen and a single pictorial cushion on the bed. This style is bright and uncluttered, and very calming.

Bold Florals (evolved from botanicals last year)

Last year, we had the botanicals trend, inspired by the Victorian sketches. This year we’ve moved onto something much more eye-catching and colourful. This trend can be worked into a room in very much the same way as the botanicals, using duvet covers for a big statement, or a print to brighten the walls – or both! Try a wall sticker rather than wallpaper; seeded dandelions for pale greys or even bright petals in this year’s radiant orchid. It’s a brilliant trend to mix and match, having moved away from the perhaps more soothing and antique feeling botanicals, these blooms are sure to freshen up a room.   

Hotel Style

Like marmite, you’ll either love this or hate it. Colours tend to be neutral – think browns, creams and greys – and style minimalist, but with fresh flowers or some greenery to brighten the room. This trend can certainly make for a relaxing and adult room soothing some parents after a hectic and colourful day with the children, but it can feel a little impersonal. To create that hotel feel, leave the walls bare except for a single print or picture that ties in with the colour scheme or feel of the room (so for deep greys try a city skyline and for creams think close up Lillies) and don’t forget to arrange lots of matching pillows and cushions on the bed for that luxurious ‘night away’ feel.

Striking Lighting

This trend may particularly appeal to those parents who loved their lava lamps and disco balls in the 1990s. However, these innovative shades and lamps are much more modern and adult. Metals have continued in trend, if you like clean minimalist style then you might want to look at steel designs, however to add a more homely tone textured copper might be more fitting and can be worked in with the Moroccan trend successfully. Or perhaps continue the floral trend, with a light in the shape of a flower or a bold lampshade covered in blooms.


Tartan is most definitely in for 2014 – though more contemporary than traditional. It can really soften the look of a room, making it warm and inviting.  We suggest it’s kept up to date with sleek grey walls to contrast the strong pattern, or for those who just can’t part from the hunting lodge associations coupled with rustic wood walls for that inviting, cosy feel. Try it as a blanket or duvet cover covering the bed, or in cushions. Look out for it in teal blue to add a modern feel.

You want a room that you love to spend time in and hopefully one or two trends jump out at you as somewhere that you’d love to kick back in. Just as it’s important to create a fun environment for a child, it’s important a parent feels laid back in there own space. No matter whether your someone who loves your house to feel homely, or someone who wants clean lines and sleek designs, there’s a trend this year to suit you.