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Bissell SpotClean Pro & Smart Clean Pet Cylinder reviews

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The new carpet cleaner and vacuum from Bissell are both top-of-the-range domestic necessities.

From stains to pet hairs, Bissell’s new carpet cleaner and vacuum feel like essential products for the family home.

SpotClean Pro

This is a compact and portable carpet cleaner that works wonders when it comes to stain removal.

Basically, all you need to do is fill the sizeable 2.5-litre tank with warm to hot water from a tap.

Then add in the special Bissell solution and spray the mixture on to the stained area, gently rubbing it with the brush attachment (it comes with an 8cm and 15cm brush).

Finally, vacuum up any left over liquid or moisture. Job done.

Having kids around the home, spillages from orange juice to bolognese are common place. So having something like this around the place takes the stress out of messy dinnertimes and the like.

Plus, it works just as well on carpets and rugs as it does on your vehicle’s upholstery, which feels like your receiving a two-for-one product.

We also love that it’s lightweight (at just 5.9kg) and small, making it very easy to store away. The 6.5-metre cable allows you plenty of room to manoeuvre as well.

£149.99 | Available from major electrical retailers and bisselldirect.co.uk

SmartClean Pet Cylinder Vacuum 

Kids loves pets, so it’s almost a given that one day you’ll have a dog or a cat running around the home.

And Bissell’s new SmartClean Pet Cylinder Vacuum, which uses a commodious 3-litre tank, is pretty much the way to go for all pet-filled households.

It uses something called Automatic Floor Type Recognition Technology, which recognises the type of floor it’s on – be it carpet, tiles or hard floor – and then adjusts its suction power for optimal performance.

The bagless vacuum uses a tangle-free brush roll. This thankfully does away with any annoying hair wraps get stuck in the brush that you then have to manually remove.

The extendable tube is brilliant at getting to hard-to-reach areas, while the LED lights on the brush roll perfectly brightens up darker areas, like under couches. The overall 12-metre operating radius means you have loads of room to move about each room you’re cleaning, too.

It also has a hygienic emptying system and, along with the brush roll, it comes with dust brush a crevice tool for extra versatility.

This is without doubt one of the very best vacuums on the market for families with pets.

£249.99 | Available from major electrical retailers and bisselldirect.co.uk

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