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5 indoor plants ideal for family homes

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

If you’re trying to grow your green at home, we’ve got a list of indoor plants that anyone can care for.

These plants are durable (almost impossible to kill in fact), low maintenance and super easy to care for. They also add a nice touch of aesthetic to your family home to help brighten it up even more.

Devil’s Ivy

This tough one is perfect for hanging baskets as its leaves can grow long. This plant can also be toxic to pets and humans if consumed so make sure to keep it high and away from any furry friends. This can survive in minimal light and generally can be watered once a week.

Peace Lily

If you’re into flowering plants then this is one that you will love. Water this lovely one just once a week. And Peace Lilies require a little more sunlight than usual, so try placing them near a window.

Peace Lily

Spider Plant

This plant requires very little maintenance so it’s perfect if you are a busy family. This plant also grows quickly and grows full. This beauty would be the perfect addition to any room in your home.

English Ivy

This lovely plant will do better indoors than out. It’s not just a nice addition to brighten up a room, this plant also takes toxins out of the air. Water this one like others once a week. It can also survive with minimal light so you can take your pick on where to place it.

Bamboo plants

Bamboo plants are not just lucky plants, they can add a little greenery to your life. This lucky plant requires little light. Make sure to keep the water fresh and watch your luck grow before your eyes.

Bamboo plants

These are just a few options for easy to take care of plants. Check out a full list of ideas here. Also be sure to check out tips and tricks for helping little ones learn to grow plants.