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Why Horse Races Are Timelessly Popular

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

There’s no denying how popular horse racing is in the United Kingdom, America, Australia, China, and many more countries.

For over three centuries, this sport has gathered the crème-de-la-crème, fans, sponsors, and has equally made millions in revenue. However, with all the backlash this sport has received, one would think that it should be extinct by now. Obviously, the opposite is the case. What’s the secret to such defining and continuous success? Read on to find out five reasons why horse races are timelessly popular.

Sports Betting

Betting has been part of horse racing for centuries; some even say it’s one of the reasons why the sport has stayed so relevant. In fact, horse racing is one of the most ‘bet-on’ sports in the world, with only the FIFA World Cup to compete with. More than 12 million people bet on the Grand National alone, generating more than £2 billion for the sport yearly from free bets to TWE’s lucky 15 bets.

It’s A Regal Sport

Not so many sporting events are linked with royalty, yet horse racing quickly became an event many monarchs connected to and supported. With monarchy still alive and well today, we still have monarchs like Queen Elizabeth II supporting events like the Royal Ascot.

The Ascot racecourse itself was founded by royalty; Queen Anne of Great Britain. Since then, royals like George IV of Great Britain took a deep interest in the sport and even had some of his own horses compete at events.

It’s A Rich Sport

One of the reasons why this sport’s popularity hasn’t waned over the years is probably because of the revenue it brings in. Just like every other popular sport, horse racing doesn’t just gather crowds, it’s a spectacular and rich social affair.

The Grand National and Royal Ascot are one of the most popular in the UK, and probably Europe. The Ascot alone attracts crowds of up to 300k, while the Grand national boasts of up to 600 million viewers at times.

The Glitz And Glamour

Horse racing is one of those sporting events that attracts large crowds from all walks of life. From the Ancient Greek or even Babylonian times, it served as the perfect spectator sport for royalty and both the high and low-class in the society.

People still try to dress their best, and sometimes, there’s even a dress code, which makes it more fun. Plus, everyone arriving at the venue would expect to see a well-organised race course, while expecting to drink in the excitement and thrill that comes with watching magnificently fast horses overcome hurdles and race to the finish.

It’s A Fast And Thrilling Game

Other rich sports like football, tennis, or hockey attract large crowds as well, but the fans of such games have to be patient. For European football, there’s the first half of the game, half-time, and then the second half. For some leagues, the games continue into extra time when there’s a draw. Some horse races won’t take longer than 13 seconds! So, it’s a great sport for bettors who want to know their fate quickly.

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