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Three Unique Gifts for a Sports-Loving Father 

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Fathers are undoubtedly the hardest members of the family to buy for.

If they don’t have everything already, it’s usually because they don’t want it in the first place. So where do you begin when all your dad does is sit around watching sports? Below, we bring some unique gift ideas for the father who just loves sports.  

Shares in a Racehorse 

You may need to pull some serious financial strings to get your father a racehorse. Yet you should not believe that ownership is out of the question. Even the most lean of budgets can become part of a syndicate. This is when a group of people put their funds together to buy a horse. They then take a cut of the profits from race wins and the amount they get is dependent on how much money they put in.  

It is now extremely easy to buy shares in a racehorse, with very reasonable entry prices per share. Once you purchase shares, you also get regular updates on its training and performance to keep track of your investment. Shares in racehorse gift vouchers are also available, so you can even let your father choose which of the horses on offer he wants to invest in. This allows you to give a great gift without bearing the brunt of the disappointment if it happens to lose a few races.  

A Track Day 

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If your father is a motorsport enthusiast, then a track day is another idea worth pursuing. These are days when famous circuits open to the public, allowing people to take to them in their vehicles. So if he has a classic car of his own or even just a performance car that he uses day to day, then they can let it rip.  

However, it is not just for those who already own sports cars. Many track days allow you access to one or even several outstanding vehicles. You can get them and drive Aston Martins, or take a Lamborghini for a spin. It all depends on the preference your old man has. From modern supercars to British classics, they are available for all tastes.  

Many retailers and online stores offer these as gift experiences. If you have a local track, you may wish to contact them directly to see what they have available and you may find it is slightly cheaper. Like anything, shop around for the best deal.  

Hospitality Package 

Whatever sport your father loves, there will undoubtedly be a hospitality package to suit them. This is where they visit a sporting event and are treated to everything the stadium or venue has to offer. This can include a tour, the best seats, or fine dining and drinks. You find them offered by everything from racecourses to football stadiums.  The trick is to book in advance. Many hospitality packages get booked up by corporate sponsors, so make sure you book early.  

Of course, your father won’t want to go alone so you may even benefit by buying yourself a ticket as well. There are many smaller gifts you could buy. However, these experiences will create memories to last a lifetime and will be even better when shared.   

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