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ZoomiZooz Treehouse review

ZoomiZooz Treehouse
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

This early learning treehouse toy from VTech is the perfect way for your child to pass hours of educational fun.

The ZoomiZooz Treehouse from VTech is a colourful and fun way for your child to simultaneously explore animals, learn numbers and improve their motor skills.

Once the treehouse is assembled, which is more straightforward than it initially looks and is a simple case of clicking bits into place, it’s ready to go.

The set comes with four Zoomizoo animals (though there are over 24 to collect at £5.99 per pack of three), which range from monkeys to chickens and cows. There are then lots of ways for your child to explore the treehouse with them, from flipping them down the slide to watching them tumble down the rope bridge.

Cute sounds and sing-alongs

There are plenty of sounds, tunes and sing-alongs available (some that help them learn their 1,2,3). While there are even recognition points where the animals introduce themselves with cute phrases — this is great for helping your child learn the names of different animals, and sound effects. When the animals cross paths, they interact and talk with each other as well, which can throw up some fun surprises.

Because all the animals are weighted down with inbuilt balls, the way they move around is visually appealing to kids (adults, even) and so every time they wobble down the slide, for example, feels like a fresh experience that keeps your child coming back for more.

It’s suitable from ages one year and upwards and is an ideal way to occupy your child while making sure they are learning at the same time — and having lots of fun in the process, of course.

ZoomiZooz Treehouse is available now from retailers including Argos and Smyths Toys, RRP £44.99.