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Kiddy Adventure Pack review

Kiddy Adventure Pack
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

If you’re a dad that loves the great outdoors, then try out this backpack with a difference.

The Kiddy Adventure Pack lets you explore the world with all your outdoor paraphernalia while your child is strapped on your back. It’s light in weight (2.8kg) but a heavyweight in dad appeal.

Kiddy Adventure Pack

Choose from three colours.

The most obvious concern for parents with a product like this is: how safe is my child in it? The answer is very safe. The five-point harness is nice and secure, even when you’re bobbing about on rough terrain. It also has three height settings in the cosy and machine-washable seat, which is perfect for your growing child. The backrest is adjustable for yourself, too, meaning that you could share the carrying between you and your (probably) different-sized partner. Plus, the padding around the waist and on the shoulders is very comfortable.

There are plenty of pocket and compartments to keep your travelling necessities in. From food and drink (for the whole the family) to nappies and everything else that you would otherwise put in a baby changing bag, this pack fits it all. Kiddy has also done well in considering the weather extremes by including an extendable canopy. Sun or rain, its covering protects your child from the elements.


There’s loads of life in it as it’s suitable for children from around five months up to about four years. While height-wise, it’s suitable for children between 70cm-105cm. It has a nifty stand that becomes useful for when you want to put the pack down for a rest without laying it fully on the ground. (You could even use it as a seat to feed your child in. Clever.) The piece is quite bulky overall – you can’t roll it up – but there are handles on it that make it easy to carry around in transit.

Our verdict

For families that love getting outside, be it on long walks or hiking, you can’t go far wrong with the Kiddy Adventure Pack. It’s sturdy and well-made enough to ensure that you and your family get to experience outdoor adventures together and create lasting memories.