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Cybex Sensorsafe is a stroke of parenting genius

Cybex Sensorsafe
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

We tested Sensorsafe, Cybex’s new safety system for car seats, and were hugely impressed.

Did you know that 50% of children undo themselves or even slip out of their car seat when travelling?

With that concerning stat in mind, Cybex has devised an excellent piece of car seat technology with SensorSafe. It’s basically a clip that fits on all Cybex i-Size car seats – in our instance with their excellent Cloud Z car seat.

SensorSafe easily attaches to the car seat.

But this is no ordinary clip. It’s placed under the car seat shoulder pads and buckled together – something we found a doddle to do – to make sure your child cannot slip out.

Extra feeling of security

And if they do undo it, you’ll be alerted immediately through the Cybex SensorSafe app (we downloaded it through iOS, but it’s also available on Android) connected via Bluetooth. However, if a dangerous situation does occur, on top of the smartphone notification you’ll receive an audible signal from a dongle plugged into the OBDII port in the vehicle. We loved the extra feeling of security that a gizmo like this brings to your driving experience with the family.

SensorSafe also has a brilliant temperature feature that monitors your child’s temperature. An app alert is given when your child’s body temperature deviates from a set reading. You will receive a notification of the first concerning change and again if it reaches a critical level. This is especially useful for the coming warmer months when travelling.

Essential for family travels

SensorSafe tells you if your child has been in their car seat for a prolonged period, too. And it notifies an emergency contact if no action has been taken after it reminds you that your child is still buckled up once you’ve arrived at your destination, sharing the last know location.

Cybex has taken car seat safety to the next innovative level with SensorSafe and after spending a little time with it on the school run and shopping here and there, we can can’t recommend it enough as an essential part of your family travels on the road.

Cloud Z car seat with SensorSafe is available now from £274.95.

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