Being Dad

INFOGRAPHIC: How much is Dad worth?!

dad infographic
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

There is plenty of debate out there as to what it is a dad does these days, especially in and around the home. Our friends at together with Legal and General decided to take the bull by the horns and try to shine some light on the subject.

On one side there are the dads, who swear blind that they do plenty, the rest of the family just don’t notice or appreciate them – and on the other we have the mums, who assert that leaving trails of socks and oily rags on the dining table doesn’t count as ‘helping’, and that the monetary worth of their so-called help was probably about a tenner.

A tenner! Surely not and we now have it on good authority and in black and white that Dads do indeed do more than the popular press would have us believe. Enjoy this wonderful INFOGRAPHIC courtesy