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On your trike: your child’s development

Child development
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The sooner you get triking the better, says child development and play expert Dr Amanda Gummer.

It’s no secret that children have bundles of energy. They are always keen to try out new and more interesting ways of getting around, discovering new environments and exploring the world around them.

Swapping a pushchair for a trike from as early as 10 months will help to build children’s confidence as they develop – as well as reinforcing the habit of a healthy, active and outdoor lifestyle.

Dr Amanda Gummer, one of the UK’s leasing child development and play experts and smarTrike’s Independent Specialist for 2016 shares 10 key benefits for using a trike from an early age:

  1. Having their own ride really gives you toddler independence and encourages them to get outside more, to enjoy fresh air and explore the world around them.
  2. A trike offers a unique 360 viewing point for little ones to discover the environment around them. From dogs walking past, ducks in the park as well as flowers.
  3. Toddlers love racing around, and a trike is a great way to keep them fit and healthy while enjoying themselves.
  4. Pedalling or pushing themselves around strengthens your toddler’s leg muscles for walking and running.
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