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How to make your Sunday count for a wonderful week

wonderful week
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

As parents, can you possibly attain a well-managed and wonderful week?

All parents are bombarded with chores. This is the one rule that has no exception. As the sun rises every Monday morning, you’re bound to be thinking of all the boxes you have to tick off your checklist. The week can end up daunting and tiresome. I say use your Sunday to set yourself up for an organised week. How, you ask? Here’s how:

Cook your heart out

Planning your weeks meal on a Sunday can be boring. No one wants to spend their Sunday chopping up veggies. Cook smart. Utilise Sunday leftovers, or if cooking ahead seems like a mission, try washing, chopping and storing veggies for the week.  If you do find some time to make it happen, you will thank yourself. Imagine, you come back from work on a Tuesday and don’t have to make a meal from scratch! These little investments we make have awesome rewards.

Ace the lunches

Packing a lunchbox everyday can be tricky. I usually realise at 11pm the night before that my daughter’s favourite crisps or yogurt pot has run out. Running to the shops at that time is by far my most hated thing to do. So don’t make my mistake. Instead, plan. Keep in mind what your child loves when you go grocery shopping and buy for the week. Be it for their lunches or snacks for between clubs.

Load up the planner

Organise your week and don’t leave your commitments to the last minute. Take out 20 minutes on a Sunday to fill in your planner (even as simple as your phone’s calendar). It helps to sit down with your partner and children to know everyone’s plans. The more you know, the easier it is to manage your responsibilities with your partner. Divide what each of you is doing and put it in the planner.

These are the three steps I live by. Trust me, it helps. It may require some discipline but it always pays off in the week.