Being Dad

Breastfeeding tips for dads

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Yoomi Founder Jim Sheikh gives us his tips for dads wanting to help their partners breastfeed.

As a new dad, I remember feeling out of the loop when baby arrived. Mum was essential to baby, but as Dad I felt like a spare part when she was breastfeeding. I helped with the nappies but didn’t feel I was helping very much at all. I felt my role was to support my partner while she was on call 24/7 feeding the baby.

But I wanted to do more, to be more involved and feel like I was helping. So from my experience as dad here are my tips on how you can help your partner with breastfeeding to hopefully make both your lives easier:

  • Mum is taking on the majority of the feeding load. So take on other chores so she can focus on the breastfeeding.
  • Offer to wind the baby after feeding to get skin-skin contact (and increases your bonding).

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