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What’s a dad, Google?

Honest Dad
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Dad blogger The Honest Dad lets us in on the crazy things he’s googled since fatherhood.

Google has revolutionised our daily lives. Nowadays, I think a lot of people would be lost (and unable to function) without the ability to search for information. Gone are the times of just figuring out how to do something by actually trying – now, our first port of call is Google.

When you have a child, you are utterly clueless. And like most new parents, in times of crisis I’ve turned to Google for answers… I recently found my search history from when my baby was born and some of the things I’d searched for in my sleep-deprived state. There are some questions that I clearly didn’t want to ask my friends and family.

How do I get my baby to sleep?

I thought it’d be obvious. It’s not always that obvious. I think we’d hit saturation point and couldn’t take the sleepless nights anymore, so of course I turned to Google. None of which helped as it transpired. Turns out our boy just liked partying all night!

Why is my baby crying?

Nappy? Hungry? Tired? What if I’ve checked all three, Google? Then what?! For a search engine that scours the whole web, I don’t remember getting a particularly helpful yield from this one!

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