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3 Hobbies to Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Dad

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay
When it comes to being a stay-at-home dad, finding something to fill the time can be difficult. But, given the wealth of information and opportunities available in the digital world, there are actually solutions with hobbies that provide some extra income for stay-at-home dads.

Getting Crafty

Agonies about time spent at home with nothing to do can often be cured by having something to do with your hands. There are theories that spending time working with hands instead of just using your head can provide a more satisfying work-life balance, so implementing handiwork that pays money can be an option to fill time and fill the bank account. Woodwork and metallurgy to fixing cars, bikes, or even embroidery, decoupage, and sewing can all be marketable skills. Spare time that is filled with handiwork can teach skills for the future and also potentially lead down an interesting and lucrative career path.

Getting into Trading

Trading is one of the most effective ways to combine a stay-at-home hobby and a way to make extra income. Immersing yourself in the world of trading and how to trade, as well as investigating the markets, the trends, and past trades and future predictions can provide the perfect hobby to take up time whiling away the hours at home. Once you’re up to speed with the basics of trading, you can then start trading for real money. One way to do this as a beginner is using a trading platform, which will then help you understand the basics of CFD trading, which is perfect for beginners. CFD trading – or contract-for-difference trading – is where the trader doesn’t actually own the underlying asset, but just trades on it. This can limit the damage should a trade go awry and also provide a low barrier to entry for trading.

Getting Big on Social Media

Being at home with nothing to do can actually give you a new perspective on your house – and, with a working camera and links to social media, it could potentially create an interesting new career. Cleaning obsessed Mrs. Hinch has commandeered headlines for the boom in her social media and the number of PR gigs she is getting for posting Instagram stories of her speed cleaning. Taking this approach – whether you choose to take photos of meals you cook or nature – you can cultivate a following online that pays with sponsorship deals and endorsements.

Staying at home and not bringing in money can feel like a difficult situation, but the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There are ample opportunities to make money from the house, if you look hard enough, and these can help fill empty time waiting around with something meaningful. Replacing the drudgery of the rat race with a self-created career can also do wonders for reinvigoration and bring in new energy, which you’ll need as a stay-at-home dad!