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Why bedtime stories are more than just a story

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Here are three reasons to indulge your little ones with a bedtime tale.

We’ve all heard it before, “One more story, please!” But if you feel they’ve had enough stories before sleep, maybe it’s time to reconsider…

Promote literacy

It has been shown that children who are introduced to books and stories early in their lives start reading and writing faster than children who have not. You can promote literacy by taking the time to read books to your child. They will start to learn and recognise sight-words, a set of words that children begin to pick up the fastest and easiest when they start to read. Reading also helps children to increase their vocabulary and learn how to pronounce words. This is also one of many ways to encourage your children to read more.

Establish routine

A story before bed can be a crucial step in creating and maintaining a daily schedule for your household. Snuggling in bed for a story lets your child know that it is time to relax and wind-down before bed. But don’t feel as if bedtime is the only time for a story – you can include this step in any part of your daily routine.

Sneak some quality

Our days are jammed pack. Whether you are a stay-at home parent or you’re balancing work with home life. Life gets busy and as children get older, and it may seem harder to fit in some quality time with your little love bugs. Story time is a great way to spend some extra time with your children. From a quick flip through a story book to a longer read, your children will treasure this time that they are spending with you.

Don’t forget, stories do not always have to come in the form of books. There are several different methods of story time that your children will love. Story time can include props, like family photos or a favourite stuffed animal. Story telling can also include songs, poems, or anything else you can think up.