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How one dad keeps it real using Post-it notes

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

This Instagramming dad serves a slice of fatherhood ‘realness’ through the power of Post-it notes.

Chris “Illuminati” AKA “Message With A Bottle”, is not afraid to expose the truth on social media. Many influencers spend hours trying to find the right angle and the right lighting for their perfect photos to upload on Instagram. However, Chris is far from the fake veneer we often see on social media.

Chris Illuminati on Instagram

Chris flips the script with his Instagram account. A divorced father-of-two keeps it real with his photos displaying some hilarious and truthful Post-it notes. The now stay-at-home dad got his idea from his ex’s leaving him with post-its to remind him of all the things he has to take care of when he was first left alone with his newborn.

The dad has now over 32 thousands followers on Instagram and has been featured in countless newspapers and invited to many TV Shows.

Here are some of our favourites:

Colouring nightmare

Birthday boy

When the kids are too loud

Food disappointment

Sneaky grocery shopper

You can find more on Chris’s website.