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Milky Meter helping dads get involved

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Find out what pushed Henrik Schneider to create this dad-friendly product.

Feeding your newborn is about more than just keeping them healthy – it is also a crucial bonding time. But bonding isn’t just limited to mums. Here’s how dads can get involved with Milky Meter.

Warming up your baby’s milk can be tricky thing. The last thing you want is an already hungry baby now upset and crying that you’re taking too long to find the correct temperature for their milk. Traditionally, making bottles and feeding the baby would be the role of the mother. But nowadays this is an essential time for dads to get involved. Feeding your baby is the perfect time for you two to bond and connect. Even if your partner is breastfeeding there are still ways to be a part of the process.

Danish engineer Henrik Schneider knew just how that felt. With a baby girl at home, he encountered the issues of milk that was either too hot or too cold. But that all changed when he partnered up with Kristian Lindberg-Poulsen to create Milky Meter.

All about Milky Meter

Milky Meter is an ultra-accurate thermometer that can be inserted right into the baby’s bottle while the milk is being heated up in the microwave. This thermometer does not require batteries or charging and contains several sensors that alert you when the milk is the perfect temperature. Another great thing about it is that it’s quick. The speed and accuracy of Milky Meter makes it great for those late-night feedings.

This thermometer is the first of its kind to launch in the UK and is now available to parents everywhere. Find more information about Milky Meter here.

We spoke with Henrik Schneider at The Baby Show! Here’s what he said about Milky Meter.