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4 skills time-strapped dads can teach their sons

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Here are a few essential life skills that any dad can teach their son.

Modern day society, with its emphasis on always working hard and often, as late as possible, could well be impacting on the overall time dads to spend with their sons.

Acknowledging that a lot of dads might not have much time to spend with their sons, in turn potentially inhibiting their ability initiate their sons into adulthood, here are four skills a dad can teach their son regardless of the time they have to spare.

Public speaking

In life, there is always need to be prepared for any eventuality. One such eventuality is the need to address a gathering, which may be at a family function or even in front of complete strangers. Regardless of the setting, one would be expected to speak with confidence, without fear and with eloquence. Ensure that your son doesn’t fall short in this type of situation, then, by teaching him valuable public speaking skills. 

Be a reader

They say a reader is a leader. So if you want your son to exhibit leadership skills from a young age, the best thing you can do for him is to nurture a culture of reading in him. Reading does not only have to centre on educational books – let your son read novels or magazines. What’s important is that he knows the power of reading and grows up loving it.

Camp out

In preparing your son for adulthood, you must spend a few hours of your time to go out camping with him. Camping has many benefits but, most importantly, it gives you time with your son and thereby affording you the opportunity to discuss problems that he may be facing in life and bond with him even more. As well as that, you can teach him how to pitch a tent, collect firewood and cook over a fire.

Manage money

At some point, your son will have to manage money. This may be money for his own use or money meant to sustain his family. To prepare him, you need to teach him how to handle it. This entails things like how to budget, how to avoid impulsive buying and how to save money. For practical ways, you can visit real money gaming operations online such as Novibet casino online UK. Give your son a bankroll and let him manage it over a period of time. From observing how he manages the bankroll, you can note money mistakes he makes and thereafter corrects him accordingly. Note however that you can only use this practice for sons above the age of 18.