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Dad La Soul takes on Brighton

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The Dad La Soul revolution is sweeping the nation. Check out what this dad-friendly group is up to now.

We caught up with Dad La Soul founder Dan Flanagan and got all the info on their latest movements, parenting themes and a new space.

Next stop… Brighton

If you haven’t heard of this parenting group for dads then you’re missing out. Dan Flanagan created Dad La Soul for dads who are looking not only to be apart of their children’s lives, but who are also looking for support.

They started out in a retirement stay centre in Worthing, but with more and more dads signing up they quickly outgrew their space.

Dad La Soul event launch

A networking event is where Dan met and fell in love with the space at Platf9rm. He knew this would be the place to hold his army of dads. They launched their first group there in early November and it was a hit.

Dads and kids from all around came to hangout. Dads and children could be seen making new friends and having a blast.

Why join the revolution?

Fathers are often limited in the types of support groups that are available to them. Flanagan knew this first hand. Having tried multiple parenting groups, he found that most were unwelcoming or solely geared towards mums.

Dad La Soul is here to change that. They offer a safe space where dads can come together. A place of no judgement and a space that is welcome to all. Dads can come together, make new friends, or express their feelings.

Parental loneliness is quite common among parents, especially fathers. This is what Dan and his group are looking to combat. To create a safe space where fathers don’t have to feel lonely. A space where they can make connections and feel supported.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, the constantly changing themes will be. Each meeting a dad leads the group with a skill of his choice. There have been rap battles, creating films and there is even a resident toy doctor. Dan hopes to expand these themes by creating junior apprenticeship programs in the fields of virtual reality, 3D print, and even international tourism.

Check out more information and find your next Dad La Soul event here.