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5 Men to celebrate on International Men’s Day

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Happy International Men’s Day! We’ve highlighted five men that are making a change in men’s lives everyday.

From dad apps to father-friendly parenting groups, these five men are changing the narrative on fatherhood and what it means to them, which is the perfect excuse to celebrate them this International Men’s Day.

Lee Downs, Dad AF

Lee Downs created the Dad AF, an app that’s here to combat the epidemic that is affecting fathers. A lack of support, is the epidemic we’re talking about. The Dad AF helps dads find other dads in their area to connect with, advice on parenting, and even shopping deals.

Dan Flanagan, Dad La Soul

Dan Flanagan created Dad La Soul to offer fathers a welcoming space to spend time with their children while connecting with other fathers. The dad-friendly group is all about supporting dads and fostering new relationships where they can enjoy a comedy show, a rap battle or just sit and build with Lego with their kids.

International Men's Day

Robert Allen, Sands United FC

Sands United FC is not just a football team but a brotherhood of fathers and males who have suffered the loss of a baby. It provides men with a space to connect with and express themselves with people who understand just how they are feeling. Founder Robert Allen and his team plays regular matches against other local teams and you can find more information here.

Sands United supporting bereaved dads

Chinua Cole, Dadapp

The Dadapp is another great app help helping father’s on International Men’s Day. This app was created by Chinua Cole to raise awareness and combat suicide. Dadapp specialises in one to one and event meet ups. They also offer a community forum, so no matter when you log on, you can chat with other dads.


Elliott Rae, Music.Football.Fatherhood.

Elliott Rae has created an online empire of dad knowledge. Music.Football.Fatherhood. offers advice and support from expecting dads, new dads, working dads and even fun days out. With blog posts, podcasts, and events there are endless ways for dads to get involved.

International Men's Day apps