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10 Top Tips For Swimming With Baby

Swimming with baby
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Forewarned is forearmed with our top 10 tips for first time swimmers.

Swimming with your baby can be a great chance to bond. On top of that, it is a valuable skill that could come in handy later in life. More and more parents are introducing their little ones to the pool at an early age – sometimes when they’re just weeks old. Here’s our top ten insider tips for taking a dip with your little nipper.

1. Before you even set off down the local pool, make sure your baby is dressed for the occasion. Go for something loose, like a simple baby grow – it’ll be much easier to get the bambino back into afterwards!

2. Water-proof nappies are essential. If you child is yet to be potty trained, they’re going to need them. Regular nappies, as we all know, are designed to be super absorbent and will swell up, big time.

3. Pack a dressing gown for yourself. This way, once you’re out of the pool, you can simply throw this on and focus all your attention on getting your little one warm and dry.

4. No feeding for up to an hour before swim time. While this is considered a bit of an old wives tale, it is definitely true when it comes to babies. The last thing you want is to be fishing up-chuck out of the deep end.

5. If your little swimmer is teething, make sure to apply any treatments before going in. Even in a properly heated pool, your child’s temperature will drop which can make them more sensitive to pain.

6. Invest in a mini wet suit. This will help keep them warm, especially if it is fleeced, which means they can enjoy themselves even more.

7. Once you’re in the changing rooms, jump straight in the shower together and wash that chlorine off. Remember to pack some moisturiser as the chlorine can dry out their skin quite badly.

8. Pack a disposable or travel changing mat to avoid the queue at the changing table. If you’re part of a class of other parents and children learning to swim, you might find the changing facilities are unable to accommodate everyone at once.

9. Bring some snacks – for you and for your little one. Swimming can be very hungry work!

10. Don’t make any plans too soon! Your little swimmer is probably going to be shattered after all that kicking and splashing. Put them down for a nice long nap and enjoy some time to yourself.