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3 Hour Dad on his incredible journey to fatherhood

3 Hour Dad
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Most dads-to-be have nine months to prepare. Adam T Hourlution had three hours. Here, he tells us his story.

I always professed I didn’t want children. Though this could have been attributed to my age and influenced by past failed relationships. Either way, it was very much my belief at that time. I was just 29 years old and extremely happy. I had a wonderful (re-kindled) relationship with my school sweetheart and I enjoyed living alone without any responsibilities. But on the 11th May, 2015, my world was tipped upside down. Forever.

I received a phone call from my mother-in-law in the middle of the night to warn me that my partner Lyndsay had been rushed to hospital. She asked me to make sure that I was sitting down as she had some news to tell me: Lyndsay was in labour, had been rushed off to a delivery room and was preparing to give birth. My world just stopped. Lyndsay wasn’t even pregnant. I froze and felt the sudden sensation of shock, a feeling that unbeknownst to me was going to become my fused state for many years to come.

I needed to get to the hospital as soon as I could and because Lyndsay was in a delivery room right now. The journey to the hospital was one of the hardest and strangest journeys that I have ever done. I not only had to drive myself there, but I had so many thoughts, feelings and emotions bubbling away in my head. Like how could this happen?

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