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An All-Inclusive Working Environment is Vital

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This week (19-25 June 2023) marks Learning Disability Week, which serves as a reminder to promote learning disabilities.

NHS Property Services (NHSPS) is taking this opportunity to raise awareness about the issue.

Learning disabilities affect people in various ways, and there is no one-size-fits-all definition. Those with learning disabilities often require additional support and time to understand and approach their everyday activities.

Employers have a legal obligation to make reasonable adjustments for colleagues with disabilities and ensure that all employees are protected from discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.

Suzanne Jones, Head of Learning and Development at NHSPS, said: “Providing inclusive and accessible recruitment processes, quiet spaces, tailored working hours, using the correct terms, and providing training are some ways to support colleagues with learning disabilities.”

She added: “Visible measures in the workplace can empower individuals, increase productivity, and encourage open discussions about any difficulties a colleague may have.

“These measures are often inexpensive and can positively impact colleague retention, create a diverse workforce, and promote a supportive and positive work culture.”

Dr Min Rodriguez, Head of Culture and Inclusion at NHSPS, also emphasized the importance of creating an all-inclusive working environment.

She commented: “Having colleagues with learning disabilities can benefit everyone at work. When a team comprises individuals with different backgrounds and ideas, it leads to more productivity and efficiency.

“Therefore, by adjusting tasks to suit each colleague, we can create a warm and supportive environment that boosts morale and keeps everyone engaged.”

Dr Rodriguez added: “Having an inclusive workplace is the right thing to do and is good for everyone involved.”

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