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6 fantastic educational apps for children

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

These top educational apps will show your child how much fun learning can be.

Are you thinking about gaming apps that might be suitable for a child to play on a phone or tablet? Have you considered the many games that they can learn from at the same time as having fun? Here are a few suggestions of some of the best educational apps out there for young children.


Suitable for ages four right up until 14, DoodleMaths is a superb app to boost your child’s confidence in maths. DoodleMaths works out your child’s current mathematical ability. It then provides them with daily games and exercises through which they can track their improvement.

Endless Wordplay

Originator created this delightful app to teach spelling and language. With help from the Alphabot, the player progresses through different levels teaching spelling rules and variations. When they succeed, they get rewarded with colourful animations using the words they’ve just spelt.


This fantastic app will give your child a basic understanding of coding. Not only can they play games to learn the basics of a great life skill, but they get creative creating their own game or app.

Teach Your Monster to Read

An app with a brilliant concept: that one of the best ways for your child to learn is to feel like they’re teaching someone else. Young children will love the different games on the app where the goal is to teach an animated monster how to read.

The Human Body

This wonderfully illustrated app teaches the inner workings of the human body. Perfect for a curious mind, your child will explore an interactive model of the human body. They’ll learn about how the body functions and how its different systems work.

Toca Lab: Elements

Toca Boca have created a whole series of wonderful educational apps. This one teaches your child all about chemistry. It represents the different elements of the periodic table as colourful creatures. Your child can learn chemistry basics by interacting with the creatures and the tools in a virtual lab.