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back to school
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

It’s back to school week! Parents around the nation have bought supplies, packed lunches and ironed uniforms ready to wave their kids off on the first day back to school.

But while parents prepare for their child’s return to classes, Ryman have been putting parents to the test to see if they could handle today’s core subjects. Could you hack going back?

Back to school

2,155 people were tested on 10 school subjects across the UK. They were tested on core subjects like Maths and Science as well as Geography, Spanish and ICT. The results were then scoured to see if there was anything noteworthy to discover.

Battle of the sexes

The overall results showed that we’re pretty much the same. The average entry got 58.4% with men getting 58% overall and women getting 57%. In a group of 2155 people, that’s not much difference at all.

However, when you look at individual subjects the differences begin to reveal themselves. Women did marginally better in Music, History, English and Maths. But their true strength was Spanish, dominating the men with 78%. The men redeemed themselves linguistically taking the lead in French with 47%.

But the real blow was dealt in ICT where men were ahead by a whopping 11% with an average score of 60%. compared to 49%

Academic kings of the north?

Once again there wasn’t much in it when it came to the overall average of the regions. But the Midlands and the North West get the teachers pet award with average scores of 61% and 60% respectively.

Back to school

Could we hack it at school?

The results from the new 9-1 grading system have shown that it’s definitely more challenging, as well as more confusing. Things aren’t as straightforward as the A*-C passes we knew and understood back when we were at school. So how did parents measure up against the new standard?

Core subjects English and Maths were safe with a 6. But Science seems to be an area that needs improvement, with the average score being a 3. It might be time to dust off those text books and start brushing up.

Funnily enough people fared better on the Spanish question rather than the English question getting a 7/B compared to a 6/B. How we managed that is a mystery. Maybe Enrique Iglesias or budget airlines are to thank. Gracias.

If you think you could do better why not give the quiz a try. Maybe you know what the UK’s longest river is. Nearly half of the UK didn’t. Looks like it’s not just the kids that have to hit the books.