New Dads’ Questions Answered book review

Father Hood
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Dad blogger Father Hood’s ebook sets new dads well at ease with a stir of humour and honest advice.

Any new dad or dad to be will notice sooner or later that as far as the world, specifically the marketing world, is concerned, there is pretty much only one parent that counts: the mum.

That’s not to say that dads are shunned in toto. It’s just that new mums are given every opportunity and support going (and rightly so) to succeed at parenting with a salvo of products, advice and how-to books aimed their way. New dads, often, seem a little less considered.

Grandiose to practical

Which is why New Dads’ Questions Answered is a welcome addition into the dad-lit sphere. Its 138 pages cover everthing from grandiose topics such as ‘Am I ready to have children?’ down to practical ones on changing nappies, sterilising bottles and what to do for Mother’s Day (because believe us you will have to think about this hitherto card-in-the-post-job-done day in more detail than ever before).

It should be pointed out that the book’s author is Stuart Hood, aka dad blogger Father Hood, who is already an award-winning writer, with the likes FHM and News of the World tacked on to his CV. So expect a conversational writing style that feels at home gabbing down the pub with mates – ‘Teething: WTF?’, for example – the type of relaxed talk a nervous new dad will most probably be looking for.

Professional input

This isn’t to say the book is all japes and no substance, though. At one point Hood enlists the help of a Harley Street dentist for input on how brush a child’s teeth. While the amount of subjects he considers is impressive – 54 in total. A couple of our favourites include, ‘Pinching, biting, scratching – is my kid a psycho?’ and ‘Why do stag weekend dads get so drunk on the first night?’

There is a simplicity to its layout, too. Subheadings, numbered points and neat paragraphs all add up to an untaxing reading experience. The only question left to answer is should every new dad give New Dads’ Questions Answered a go?

Yes, of course they should.

New Dads’ Questions Answered ebook is available now on Amazon.

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