Mum Rage – It’s More Common Than You Think

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Many mothers feel maternal rage, but no one likes to talk about it.

Mums aren’t supposed to get angry and when they do, they often feel ashamed – it goes against many notions of what motherhood should look like: immaculate houses and smiles all round.

Yet, all mums, no doubt, have experienced moments of rage. Rage at their children. Rage at their partners. Rage at the world that leaves them overwhelmed, unsupported and tired.

In her new book, Angry Mother Assertive Mother, Cristalle Hayes, psychotherapist and mother of two, helps mothers to navigate these explosive and intense, but very normal, feelings. Cristalle reviews the mother’s role and guides readers through her simple methodology and techniques for navigating the complex experience of motherhood. 

The book helps mums to regain control of their emotions, manage and channel their anger in a constructive way and helps them to avoid getting stuck in feelings of guilt and shame. It also explains the absolute importance of practising self-care and restorative compassion, especially after bouts of anger.

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Mothers often come from a place of lack: a lack of sleep, a lack of time, a lack of self-care. Motherhood can be overwhelming and the expectations all-consuming. Angry Mother Assertive Mother is essential reading for mothers, or mothers to be, who are looking for more inner acceptance, assertiveness and strategies and support to change what isn’t working.

It combines psychological insight with practical, non-judgemental suggestions and is packed with journal prompts, exercises and stories and quotes from the author’s own experience and those of many mothers from diverse backgrounds, cultures, circumstances and sexual orientation.

Read this book to understand:

  • Maternal anger and how not to get stuck in guilt
  • How to regain control of your emotions
  • Your unique triggers and how to recognise and anticipate them
  • Ways of expressing your anger safely and modelling assertiveness instead of rage
  • The need for self-care and compassion after episodes of maternal rage.

Angry Mother Assertive Mother: From maternal anger to radical repairby Cristalle Hayes, published by Rethink is out now, available on Amazon.

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