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School trending topic
Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

This week parents shared all the excitement and woes of back to school and the songs you absolutely cannot stand. While trending from dad bloggers, we saw distance learning tips and advice for when on holiday.

#BacktoSchool as kids and teachers prepare to head back…

The beginning of September brings an end to summer holidays, the autumn season and of course, back to school for kiddos and teachers. Parents, teachers, and students are all uniting under #backtoschool. Here at FQ, we spoke to dad bloggers from all around to get their best tips for heading back to school.

#Songsyouhateandwhy… Is sure to cause some debates

People have taken to Twitter to list and even debate songs that they absolutely hate. Interested to see which people hate your favourite songs? Check out the hashtag here.

Distance learning for dads..

Completing a distance learning program can be tricky. But it can be especially tricky for parents. Dad blogger Justin of Justin’s Juggles shares tips and tricks for parents who are distance learners.

DIY Daddy talks traveling…

The topic of travelling is always trending somewhere on the web. Probably because holidays can be vital to healthy and happy lives. Nigel, aka the DIY Daddy, talks holidays and how to be successful preparing for travelling and tips while on your next holiday.