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London Cabaret Club Delivers Top Performance

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We recently had the absolute pleasure of attending the latest production by The London Cabaret Club, Roxie Rocks Chicago, writes Damion Queva.

From the moment we stepped into the elegant ballroom, we were transported back to the Roaring Twenties era of glitz, glamour, and showbiz.

The pre-show entertainment, featuring live musicians and mesmerizing dancers, set the stage for what was to come – a thrilling performance inspired by the iconic film “Chicago.”

As the night unfolded, we were treated to an array of captivating performances that left us in awe. The cast of Roxie Rocks Chicago was exceptional, with each member bringing their unique talent to the stage.

The charismatic Roxie Hart, played by a chorus girl with an insatiable desire for stardom, stole the show with her mesmerizing dance numbers that transported us to The Onyx Club, the iconic cabaret club featured in the original Chicago film.

The production was a visual and sensory feast, with no detail overlooked. The extravagant costumes, sensational dance numbers, and the set design that perfectly captured the essence of the Roaring Twenties – all came together to create an immersive experience that left us feeling like we had stepped back in time.

The attention to detail was impressive, and every element of the show was executed flawlessly.

The London Cabaret Club is renowned for delivering top-tier performances, and Roxie Rocks Chicago was no exception. We had the option to choose from a range of ticket options, each one offering a unique experience.

We went for the Diamond Ticket, which as well as the show included: dinner, canapes and a welcome drink, along with a complimentary bottle of house wine. The service was impeccable, and the staff was friendly, making sure that we had the best experience possible.

To sum up, Roxie Rocks Chicago is a must-see for anyone who loves live entertainment. The London Cabaret Club has once again delivered a top-tier performance that captivated and entertained us from start to finish.

Even the after-party with DJ sets that kept guests dancing into the early hours was the perfect way to end the night.

We would highly recommend this show to anyone who wants to experience the glitz and glamour of the Roaring Twenties, and we cannot wait to see what The London Cabaret Club has in store for us next.

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