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Clean-up time: a guide to bathing your baby

bathe baby
Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Follow our guide on how to bathe your baby with these simple steps.

Keeping your baby clean can seem like a daunting task, but these top tips will let your bathe your baby with ease.

How often should I wash my baby?

Your new-born will only need to be bathed two or three times a week. Though it could be worth doing it more if they really enjoy it! It’s better to not to bathe them straight after a feed of if they’re tired or hungry. Still, keep your baby clean between baths though. Do this by regularly washing their face and cleaning their genitals and bottom after every change of nappy.

Safety first

Make sure you never leave your child unattended. If you need to leave the room, take your child with you. Don’t leave your baby in the tub whilst the water’s running either. Careful how hot the water is too. It should be warm, not hot. A baby can get third degree burns in less than a minute from water at 60 degrees Celsius.

How to bathe your child

Bathe your baby in a baby bath or washing up bowl. Note that you should use plain water with your newborn within the first month – don’t use any liquid cleansers. Fill the water to about three inches.

Prior to the bath, hold them on your knee and wash their face. Do this by dipping cotton wool in water, gently wipe your baby’s face. Use fresh cotton for each eye. Next you can wash their hair. Support them over the bowl as you use plain water to wash their hair.

Now you can gently lower the baby into the bath. Do this while using a hand to hold their upper arm and support your child’s head and shoulders. Keep your baby’s head clear from the water. You can use your other hand to simply swish water over the baby. Don’t splash though.

Finally, you can now lift your baby out the bath and pat them dry with a towel. But remember to pay attention to the creases in their skin because if they are always left wet, it could cause irritation.