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Transform into a Bookabee this World Book Day

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

If encouraging your child to read is proving difficult, Bookabees has the solution this World Book Day.

It’s World Book Day today! Which means every child should be wading in books for the day, celebrating the power of  reading.

With that in mind, Bookabees has an innovating way of engaging young readers: a children’s book club that works from the comfort of your own home.

So why Bookabees?

By subscribing to Bookabees you can have a package of up to five books delivered to you each month. Once your child has read them, they can be returned and replaced with a selection of new books. The books are suitable for children 0-11 years and there are over 1,000 books and growing to choose from.

Children love receiving presents, so Bookabees packages are presented as gifts. They come with the child’s name on the top of the box and contain extra goodies such as, stickers, ‘colour me in’ sections and spaces to draw pictures. The personalisation of the packages makes each one feel like a present and make the child feel excited when they receive it.

The books you order can be kept for two months before they have to be returned. If you like a book you can buy it at 50% of the retail price. Once the books are returned they can be sent to new owners. The books are recycled five times before they are given to charity.

Why reading is important for children:
  • It opens their minds to new worlds and ideas, this in turn expands their imagination
  • Gets them used to familiar and new sounds and language
  • Improves their vocabulary
  • Makes them better at reading
  • Gives them confidence, especially for reading aloud at school
  • They understand how sentences are constructed by reading them
  • It improves children’s concentration and focus
How Bookabees works at a glance
  • Choose your books (online or by speaking to their educational experts)
  • Have them delivered and then enjoy the stories
  • Post them back and REPEAT

Bookabees won the Bronze Made for Mum’s Award 2017, and we can see why. We’re an advocate of the importance of reading in childhood. Be it parents reading to their kids or kids reading alone. Either way, we hope children and parents around the country embrace companies like this.

For more information or to subscribe, visit the Bookabees website.