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Binky Goes To London

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Binky is a fun-loving and outgoing bear with a predisposition for adventures.

The ‘Binky’ books show us a teddy bear in various places, going on escapades across the landscape and meeting interesting new animals and friends who help him along the way. The series involves photographs rather than drawings of Binky – the cuddly brown teddy bear – involved in various activities and conversations with descriptions of what the characters are up to and say written alongside them.

Binky Bear is the brainchild of two friends, Moira Blackwell and Liz Nakivell, who are responsible for the photography and words respectively. The idea of these books is to aid parents showing their kids around town by portraying location-based plots featuring the affable Binky along with a map of his adventures. The story is told in rhyming verses, making it quite a treat for children to hear and really encouraging them to read or sing along.


In ‘Binky Goes To London’, Binky visits London for the first time with his owner – a girl named Katy – and her parents. Katy and her parents want to go shopping before sightseeing, but Binky has others plans in mind: namely visiting the Queen and having tea with her. Despite Katy strapping him tightly to her bag, Binky escapes and sets off on his own to find the Queen. Along the way, he is treated to various sights from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace, and meets new friends, such as a horse, some pelicans and a squirrel. They aid him in catchy rhymes by telling him which direction to go and offering him friendly advice.

Our thoughts:

This book is a wonderful alternative to the traditional children’s story. By encapsulating real places and pictures it encourages both you and the kids to not only imagine being by the great sights, but actually visit them and take part in the same adventures as Binky. You could read this to them on a Friday night and have them visit exactly the same locations at the weekend creating a smooth transition from fantasy to real experience, an option not many children’s books can boast.

This is also a great tool for dads, who sometimes have a harder time trying to figure out what to do with their kids on their days off. With a very easy to follow map, you can show your children how to navigate and teach them lessons which Binky has to offer, all the while exploring the sights and sounds in your very own adventure.

The rhyming narrative is also a complementary part of this children’s book, encouraging kids to read more and making it easier for them to follow while you read to them. You could also buy a Binky Teddy Bear to bring along on the journey, putting your kids in exactly the same shoes as Katy.

This book offers a special night’s reading and a great day out.