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Which dog breed should you and your family adopt?

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Here are five dog breeds that will suit your lifestyle and be the perfect addition to your family.

Owning dogs my whole life, taught me that they really are a man’s best friend.

Dogs help people get more exercise, as you need to walk them, but also socialize. If you are an introvert, a dog will force you to socialise with other dog owners and help you come out of your shell. Moreover, dogs are real people-pleasers and extremely loyal. They are the ultimate protectors and can be your best friend.

If you would like for your children to learn about responsibility and get more fresh air, then getting a dog is a great idea. I have selected five different breeds for five different types of family. These are for families that are considering getting a four-legged companion.

Full-time working parents

You live in an apartment and you are full time working parents. You also happen to be sensitive to certain types of fur: get a Coton de Tulear.

The price for adopting this little pooch ranges between £700 to £1,300. The smart and calm-tempered four-legged companion quickly learns routines and adapts to his family’s needs. The breed classes as a hypoallergenic breed and is suitable for someone sensitive to certain allergies. The Coton has a clownish personality who likes to play with children and adults. Because of their adaptability, their exercise requirements accommodate to their family’s lifestyle.

Single stay-at-home parent

You live in an apartment and you are a stay-at-home parent looking for a companion for your everyday activities without being a bother: get a Boxer.

If you want to feel protected, yet safe to think that your dog will be nice to your guests, this dog is for you. They feel best when they are with their owners and will fiercely guard your house. The price of adopting this loyal doggy range from £700 to £1,500. Boxers need to socialise with other dogs at an early age. They rarely bark for no reason, they will let you know if something unusual is happening. If you are a stay-at-home parent, this dog will be the perfect companion for your everyday activities.

Active family

You live in a house and you are looking for a dog that will keep you and your family fit: get an Irish Setter.

This beautiful red hunter requires a minimum of an hour of exercise per day. The Irish Setter becomes very attached to his family and can suffer from separation anxiety. The price of adopting the fire-coloured breed ranges from £700 to £2,000. Irish Setters can be challenging because they are naturally stubborn but they will happily go for a hike with the family. Irish Setters tend to love humans and are quite playful.

Parents to a newborn

You have just become parents and would like a dog that would take care of your newborn: get a Labradoodle.

The highly intelligent Poodle-Labrador cross loves to please to be mentally stimulated. If you give them a job, they will be more than happy to do it as they hate being bored. Labradoodle is known to be very gentle and affectionate around children of all ages. They are often used as therapy dogs because they adapt very well to any environment and are very understanding. Since they are a mixed breed, the price of adopting them vary a lot, depending on their size. If you have a special-needs child, this dog will be intuitive to your child’s need.

A challenge

You want to challenge yourself and teach your children about responsibility: get a rescue dog.

Rescue dogs are often mixed breeds: meaning they are smart and robust. You will often need compassion and patience, teaching your kid how to care for a living being. Rescue dogs will be the perfect addition to your family if you want to involve all your household members into one activity. Rescue dogs are often adult-dogs, therefore will not require much training, just a lot of love. You can research for rescue dogs on dogstrust , oldies or simply visit your local dog shelter.