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Top tips for the perfect family picnic

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Make the most out of a picnic with your family with this easy and stress-free guide.

The sun is starting to come out, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to get outside with your children and enjoy a picnic. But if you’re wondering how to make it all go smoothly with the kids in tow, look no further than these 10 steps.

  • Ban the electronics. Although one phone or camera is ok so that you can take photos of the day to look back on.
  • Invest in freezer bags. They’ll keep your snacks fresh and cool while you laze away in the sun.
  • Scout around for the best possible spot before you settle down. Pick somewhere relatively secluded and quiet, so those people playing loud music or kicking a ball around don’t disturb you too much.
  • Remember to take plenty of wet wipes. Think sticky fingers rubbed on grass rubbed on eyes. Then think lots of tears. Kleenex‘s new WaterFresh Wipes are ideal for family picnics (or any potentially messy outings in fact!). They’re made up of 98 per cent water and can be bought in large 40-wipe or small packs 12-wipe packs.
  • Bring a huge blanket with you. Because no one wants to sit on itchy grass.
  • Give your child a surface to eat off. A portable booster seat is a great option.
  • Pillows. Your kids are going to be having so much fun, they’re not going to want to leave and we want you to be comfortable. So bring pillows.
  • Clean up after yourselves. This is perhaps the most important tip ­­– picnic etiquette is a thing after all. No chocolate wrapper shall be left unturned.
  • Choose your day wisely. Not only should you look at the weather forecast for the day (obviously), but make sure that your family is already in a good mood.
  • Be in the moment, and enjoy. You’re making memories your kids will reminisce about. Let it happen and relish every moment.