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How to continue to educate yourself as a parent

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Turn to these five outlets to help you learn and grow as a parent.

Learning how to be a good parent never ends. And these days it’s easier than ever to educate yourself in parenting. We look at five different educational routes you can go down…


Podcasts are great for learning on the go. Listen to them out loud or plug in some earphones and listen while you’re exercising or cleaning the house. There are endless themes and speakers that can be found. From podcasts that are formal and educational, or more down to earth parenting hacks, there is something for everyone. Check out this list of podcasts to get you started here.


The internet is jam-packed with bloggers. There are even more parent bloggers emerging. They are parents just like you who know what parenting is like. They have lived your day-to-day routines and know what you’re facing. And they understand your struggles and triumphs, and this is what makes them relatable and enjoyable.  


If you’re reading this article, chances are you already know about the power of magazines and ezines. This form of print offers a variety of lifestyle, parenting, and childcare information for readers of all parenting styles.

Libraries and book stores

The library is filled with parenting books. Librarians are also there to help guide you towards what you’re looking for. One good thing about renting parenting books from the library is that you’re not stuck with them if it’s turns out to not be your speed. Book stores are for more permanent choices and are also staffed with people to help you find the information you need.

Parent support groups

Support groups sometimes carry the stigma of only being needed when something traumatic has happened. But this is quite the opposite. Parenting groups are filled with people just like you. It can be a great place to swap stories and advice, make new friends, and feel invigorated with new knowledge and support all around you. Sometimes, parents new and old get caught up in the daily routines of life. But it’s important to have a strong support group and not take on life by yourself.