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New parents will love these gifts

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Here is our quick guide to six great gifts that new parents actually want.

Not sure what to bring to your next baby shower? Try these gift ideas to give parents to be meaningful and practical gifts.

Nappies, nappies and more nappies

Nappies are the one item that parents will grow through the most. They will appreciate having the extra supplies. You can even place nappies in a basket of supplies to bring as a gift.

Your favourite childhood books

Parents will love reading to their new baby books they know had a special meaning to you. Books are also a great way to promote literacy even from this young age.

Quilts, blankets and towels

This is a great opportunity to be creative and try your hand at knitting your own quilt as a present. You can also buy blankets if you aren’t keen with knitting needles. Parents will appreciate the extra softness to snuggle their baby.

All-in-one box

Fill a box or a jar with helpful items new parents will need. Try filling your box up with trial size items to fit more goodies in. Things like baby shampoo, wash cloths, and lotions are great items that parents will run through quickly. Don’t be afraid to put fun items in there as well, like stuffed animals and toys. Check out more ideas for DIY baskets here.


Baby outfits are almost a given when thinking of baby gifts. Outfits for little ones are one of the cutest things to buy. If you’re buying more than one outfit, try buying a variety of sizes past just newborn to give parents gifts their babies can grow into.

Gender neutral options

No matter what you buy, don’t be afraid to stray outside the traditional pink and blue colour scheme. There are more and more parents who are straying away from the classic boy and girl colours we are used to seeing. Break the tradition of boys have to wear blue and girls have to wear pink. Parents will appreciate having the extra colour options as well.