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March into Women’s History Month

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Follow our guide to celebrating Women’s History Month this March.

The 1st of March marks Women’s History Month in the UK.

In dedicating this one month to the women throughout history who have pushed for greater changes in the world, we are paying homage to their struggles and their strength. In celebrating this month, we are teaching not just our children but everyone in society, male or female, that women can achieve just as much as men, that they can elicit change in their lives and are powerful.

Of course, many of these women we are celebrating were and are mothers. We can teach these future generations of women that even though they are mums, they can still go on to accomplish anything they set their minds to.

If you’re unsure of how to celebrate this important month, here are three ways you can…

Head to your local library

Libraries are filled with books on women throughout history. Children’s books are a great way to teach your little ones about many important women. Books are also ideal for children to learn about what life is like for women in other places around the world.

Celebrate mums

Celebrate mums by cooking up a special breakfast for your own mum or the mother of your children. Try taking your partner out on a romantic date or book them a relaxing day at the spa. Celebrating the mum in your child’s life is also a great way to spend more quality time together.

Write a story

This activity can be done with children of all ages. Ask your children who is the most important woman in their life and why? For older ones, they can write out their own stories, and for little ones who still need a little help you can either write it for them or they can draw a picture. You can also try talking to them about a few important women through history and see who they find the most inspiring.