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4 Ways to talk about careers with your children

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

It’s never too early to talk about careers with your little ones. Here are four ideas to get you started.

It’s important to educate your little one about all the different careers that are out there. You never know what thing will be the to stick and even to turn into a passion. Children should have all the opportunities in the world and all the knowledge that comes with it.

Take a trip to the library

The library has unlimited resources and books that are age-appropriate for your little ones. Read about firefighters, police officers or even engineers. Books are a great way to engage children while they learn about workers in their community and beyond. Check out this list of community helper books here to get you started.

Costumes and props

Costumes, dress-up clothes and props are a great way to role play different professions. A child can dress up as a construction worker and maybe even use play tools to fix things around the house. There are endless ideas for costumes and most can be made using materials you have around the house. Things such as cooking aprons if your little one wants to be a chef or maybe books if you’re playing school are excellent ideas. Dramatic play settings such as these are said to be crucial in the learning process for little ones.

Have a Career Day

Schools sometimes host a Career Day or even week. This is a time where parents of different professions are invited into the school to teach children about their jobs. Even if your child’s school doesn’t have one don’t be afraid to suggest it. This is a great opportunity for children to hear all about the different fields of work that can be available to them.

Use technology

Children are using technology more than ever. There are endless Youtube videos and channels that focus on children’s learning. Watching a science experiment might inspire your child to be a scientist or maybe a deep ocean dive will open their eyes to marine biology. Give these YouTube channels for children a try.