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Why parents avoid helping their kids with maths

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Parents lack of confidence when it comes to maths and money management according to a new study.

A study commissioned by Santander found that millions of Brits regret not taking maths more seriously at a younger age. The study was conducted on 2,000 adults and revealed that 43 per cent of them admitted they wish they concentrated more on maths when they were at school.

Moreover, a large portion of adults said they wished finances, numeracy and budgeting had been a bigger part of their life. In order to avoid difficulty later in life, they would have like to have mastered these skills at home and school.

Parents struggle with numbers

The research found that four in 10 parents admitted they avoided helping their children with their maths homework. Parents are not comfortable with maths because they simply ‘know’ they will struggle. Unfortunately, only one in five parents said they feel ‘very confident’ when helping their kids with secondary school maths work.

It seems younger generation are more susceptible to experience problems, too. They seem to lack confidence when it comes to understanding budget and business. Moreover, Generation Z (aged between 18-24 years) have the least confidence when it comes to money management, followed by Millennials (aged between 24-38 years).