How to prepare for the first day at school

First day of school bus
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Your child’s first day at school is a big deal, so follow these tips for helping them have the best first day ever.

Starting school is never easy, and though it might feel like an exciting adventure for some – for others it can be initially intimidating. Either way, you can help your child rock their first day with a bit of preparation and make everything a little less stressful for both the kiddos and you.

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Start a week ahead

Nothing is harder than staying up late and sleeping in all summer and then having to go to bed and get up early all of a sudden. Help your child get into a steady bedtime routine a week or so before the big day. This will help them get into the habit of going to bed earlier and getting up in the morning won’t be such a headache.

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Stock up on school supplies early

School shopping can be time consuming. You don’t want to risk forgetting any items because you went shopping in a rush at the last minute. Back-to-school shopping is also a way to get your children excited for their first day at school.

Talk up the excitement of the first day of school

Your children will be as excited as you are about new things in their life. Make sure to talk up how cool and exciting the first day of school will be. Talk about what they can expect to make them feel more secure about this new adventure in their lives.

Another great talking point is their new teacher. Make sure they know their name and that they is a trusted adult. Talk about how the routine of a school day will run. Knowing what to expect ahead of time helps children to be less stressed when the time comes.

First day supplies

Get everything ready the night before

Just like you might pick out your outfit or pack your lunch for the next day at work. You can do this same routine for your children. Prep school uniforms, pack lunches, you can even set up breakfast the night before. Having everything ready the night before will create an easier and stress-free morning.