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4 Tips for staying safe on bonfire night

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Fireman Sam is here to give us four tips to keep our families safe on bonfire night.

Fireman Sam and The Child Accident Prevention Trust have launched a new partnership to help teach young children all about staying safe on bonfire night.

Stay together

Fireworks are very exciting. However, make sure your child knows where to stand to stay safe. Also designate a meeting place that everyone knows in case you are to get separated.


Be careful with sparklers

Sparklers can add an extra element of fun. Ensure that you keep the sparklers away from others and do not run with them. Another safety tip is to wear gloves while handling sparklers and keep them away from your body. Once sparklers are done place them in a bucket of water and do not pick them back up.

Dress warm

Another great safety tip for bonfire night, is to choose your outfits carefully. It will quickly get colder as the sun goes down. Keep your entire family wrapped in layers to ward off any blustery chills.

What to do when the bonfire starts

Make sure your family is a safe distance away from the bonfire. Also refrain from throwing things into the bonfires or poking it with anything.

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We hope this tips help keep you safe this bonfire night. Find out more about Bonfire Night Safety at the Fireman Sam Safety Hero School Hub at