The Key to your Child’s Happiness? Let them do their own thing

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Every parent wants to ensure their child’s happiness and they say doing what you love is the key to being happy. But when you’re a kid it can be tricky working out what your passion is.

Not all children find traditional hobbies and popular activities interesting. There can also be pressure to fit in and do what other kids are doing. Child expert, Dr Ranj Singh, has shared some top tips to help encourage your child to do their own thing:

Happiness is… trying new things


There are so many activities out there for children to discover. All you have to do is let them know what’s out there. This doesn’t mean signing them up to expensive lessons or clubs.  Take advantage of classes and clubs in your community. Introduce them to new ideas and see if any take their fancy.

Happiness is… finding your own path

 Each child is different. Give them plenty of time to discover their interests. Some may have an idea of what they are interested in, others may need to try out a range of hobbies, before discovering their passion. There’s no rush!

Happiness is… enjoying what you do


Let them enjoy their pursuits. Pressure to win, or to be the best, can suck the joy out of things. Encourage them to try new things and discover themselves. Whatever they choose to explore, it’s about having fun.

Happiness is…your support and encouragement

Kids can be fickle. But this is where your encouragement can help. Get them to stick things out when the going gets tough and build their confidence from an early age. Children are more aware of failure than they let on. But, with your reassurance and motivation they won’t be put off by setbacks.

Enthusiasm can be contagious, so be interested in your child’s passion. It helps when you have your own passions and hobbies that your can share with them. Once they see how happy your thing makes you, they will be motivated to find their own love.

Introduce them to other aficionados


It’s lovely to meet like minded people, so introduce them to other children who share their passion. They will be able to swap stories and share advice.

It could also benefit them to talk to children who have different hobbies. Knowing that other kids have their own thing, might inspire them even more.

So start exploring! With your support and encouragement, whatever your child chooses will be something they truly love.