Send first day jitters packing

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Planning for the first day sends the jitters away. The experts give advice on getting kids ready for the next big step. Family death, unemployment and moving home are the three most stressful hurdles in a lifetime but according to the latest research, starting a new school comes a close fourth, especially for parents.

But help is at hand for fretful fathers and manic mothers., the name tag specialist, has come up with five top tips to troubleshooting the tension associated with that ‘big adventure’.

1. Place a family photo or a special message in your child’s lunch box.

2. Pack all the essentials. Ensure your child has the belongings they love, such as the Hannah Montana lunch box or the Shrek pencil case.

3. Stay cheerful and say goodbye quickly. This should avoid having to peel screaming children off your legs.

4. What’s the time Mr. Wolf? Prepare kids for mixing with others by playing games that involve taking turns and speaking out in front of a group.

5. Avoid playing hide-and-seek with kid’s clothes in the morning. Lay out and name tag children’s uniforms with the revolutionary labelling system from

According to, getting ready for school is little more than child’s play.

“Parents can easily make their child’s first day at school more enjoyable by getting them ready before hand,” says Francine Davis, MD of

“It’s important that your child does not sense your anxiety”

The attach-a-tag applicator is available to buy at It allows parents to name-tag their children’s clothes, school bags and toys. It costs £20 for a starter pack of thirty tags and an applicator.