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5 ways to find the perfect engagement ring

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Take the stress out of buying the perfect engagement ring with our easy guide.

A question I ask, perhaps a little too often than one should admit, is, “How do men decide on which engagement ring to buy?” And I have to say, I am often perplexed. It is a seriously personal choice, and one which must not be taken lightly.

Whichever ring you decide on ultimately symbolises the love for your significant other and your relationship both present and future. No pressure then.

Aside from the obvious places to purchase engagement rings, I have found that many are drifting away from the norm and instead opting for bespoke designs. A common perception is often that bespoke is just another word for overly expensive. However, this is not always the case.

I am here to advise you that straying from the path of the well-recognised jewellery brands to create something uniquely beautiful can be done with ease and within a budget!

The five most important choices to consider are:
1. Type of stone

Will you choose the timeless traditional diamond engagement ring, or break the mould with a gorgeous coloured gemstone? While diamonds continue to be the top choice, coloured gemstone engagement rings have become increasingly more popular.

2. Shape or cut

There are at least eight different shapes of diamonds and gemstones. Which shape looks best can be affected by finger shape and size.  Round solitaire diamond centre stones have always been the classic choice but perhaps your bride to be would prefer something less ordinary?

3. Carat size

A carat is used to measure the weight of diamonds and gemstones.  Smaller carat sizes make for a more delicate look, whilst a larger size will create a larger flashy piece. Whatever you decide to choose, it perhaps pays to remember that by dropping just a fraction of a carat size can make a significant difference to the price!

4. Band colour

Will you choose gold, platinum, rose gold or silver for your band? Cool skin tones tend to favour white gold, the most popular metal, while yellow gold flatters warmer skin tones. However, the coveted rose gold colour is extremely ‘in’ at the moment.

5. Ring size

If you shop for an engagement ring as a couple, her ring size will be measured in-person. But if you find yourself alone or buying online, use a ring-sizing guide to figure out what size is most likely to fit.

So there you have it. It’s not rocket science but you certainly will need to put some thought and engagement in choosing the right engagement ring for your soon to be betrothed.

And if you need any help you can always search online and in magazines for inspiration and ask around for personal recommendations to help ensure you get the design spot on.