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5 Autumn-inspired dating ideas

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Feel fulfilled and reconnect with your spouse by trying out some of these crisp autumn-coloured dating ideas.

Having a child often leaves little time to connect with your spouse. With your offspring in constant need of attention, feeding, and nappy-changing, you might be worried that you’re neglecting your partner.

But relationships need just as much work and attention, and the occasional break from childcare can work wonders for both your physical and mental wellbeing. Tavistock Relationships finds that couple conflicts can have a direct impact on children, making this an issue for the whole family. Try and commit to a form of ‘dating night’ every once in a while. You can ask your friends or family to look after your children, or perhaps even invest in a babysitter if nobody’s around.

If you’re running out of dating ideas of your own making, why not try some of our five special tips to bring the autumn colours back into your relationship?

Visit a farmer’s market

There’s no better time in the year to visit your local farmer’s market. Walk between the stalls, let the smell of cheese and fish and ripe apples and pears intoxicate your senses, and learn all about the products fresh from the harvest.

Take it slowly and roam around, trying bits and pieces wherever you can. Why not stock up on your seasonable vegetables while you’re there? Aubergine, beetroots and butternut squash are seasonable. And buy that pumpkin for Halloween. A farmer’s market is the perfect location for a dating afternoon.

Commit to Halloween

Who said Halloween is only for kids, teenagers, and students? Granted, this time of the year can turn into a minefield of sweets-excess and costume tantrums – but before the big night, you might just as well make use of the creepy mood to spice up your relationship.

Indulge in nostalgia by committing entirely to this Halloween. Watch some scary movies with your spouse. Decorate the house with some quirky-looking pumpkins. It’s just for one month, and it can have an amazing effect reminding you and your spouse that your inner child is still alive and well.

Go to the theatre

If you only manage to get one night off, consider going to the theatre. How about Les Misérables or The Phantom of the Opera to bring out the tears? Or rather something more humorous such as The Book of Mormon or the Little Shop of Horrors?

If theatre isn’t your thing, why not consider going to the cinema instead? There are many films coming out this autumn, so finding something which suits both of you shouldn’t be a problem.

Take a walk in the countryside

While it may sound counterintuitive to take a walk when the temperature begins to drop, hiking in autumn can be fulfilling. Watch the leaves cover the ground while they take on a variety of colours from red and yellow to orange and brown. Enjoy the fresh smell and embrace the last weeks before it gets too cold.

Why not spice things up a bit with a picnic while you’re there if the weather allows it? Or move your walk to the coast, where you can watch the autumn waves gather up in ferocity, showing you the danger and beauty of natural forces?

Good old-fashioned romantic dinner

There’s nothing better to finish your date night than with a relaxing romantic dinner, preferably candle-lit. Make use of autumn and cook things in season, such as roast beetroot and sweet potato or a roast grouse with blackberries. Why not make use of your finds from the farmer’s market?

Don’t forget to finish the dinner with the perfect dessert, such as baked stuffed apples or a fig, hazelnut and ale cake. Don’t forget to buy the right type of wine to go with everything and make the both of you feel as though you were back on your honeymoon. You might even bond over the act of cooking together, proving you’re still a dream-team.

If you make use of some or all these dating ideas, you and your spouse should feel refreshed and eager to return to the duties of taking care of your child or children. Every couple is different – be inspired and spend your very own perfect date with your partner this autumn. Tend the flames of your relationship while temperatures outside are sinking!