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Are men starting to care more about their wedding?

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

A study on married men shows that the modern man spends more time planning their wedding than ever before.

Two thirds of married men claim to have been dreaming about their wedding day since their childhood. This seems to defy the stereotype of women being the only ones caring about the wedding’s planning and dreaming about the event since being a kid.

The survey, conducted on 1,000 married by OnePoll on behalf of Men’s Wearhouse, revealed that men are just as or more excited to get married as their partner. The study proves to a certain extent, that modern men do care more about their wedding day than before.

Challenging gender stereotypes

As a matter of fact, 58 per cent of the married men said they had a hand in figuring out the budget for the wedding, while six in ten men said they planned the invitations. A solid 27 per cent claimed to be the chief planner of the wedding. Another 40 per cent said they helped in reserving the venue, hiring the photographer, caterer and booking the entertainment.

Those numbers challenge the commonly used image of the ‘bridezilla’ and prove that men too, can show a strong interest in wedding planning. Moreover, the survey revealed that the average married man had five major “panic moments” during the planning of their wedding and 62 per cent said that getting married did not feel “real” until the moment they put on their wedding suit for the first time.

What a man wants

Amusingly, the study also showed the five most interesting things men would want at their dream wedding:

  • To play the “Imperial March” from Star Wars
  • Celebrities and movie stars
  • A Rolls-Royce
  • Country music and cake
  • The president of the United States

Finally, the survey revealed the five celebrities men would want to look like on their wedding day… Unsurprisingly, Brad Pitt topped the list (followed by David Beckham).