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3 extra-special Valentine’s Day gift ideas

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Turn Valentine’s Day into the perfect day with this handful of romantic gift ideas.

Chocolates and flowers are always appreciated. However, if you’re looking to give your partner something extra special then try one of our picks for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Five senses gift

This gift will take a little work putting together, but it is worth it. Each part of the gift caters to the five senses – one gift for touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight.

5 senses Valentine's day gifts

Touch could be a head massager, or throw blanket. Taste could be something you’ve cooked up or something your partner can eat or drink later. Smell, can be candles, cologne or a new aftershave. Hearing can be headphones or a radio for the shower. Finally, a gift or sight can be a photo album or anything you think they might enjoy looking at.

Romance-filled day

A romantic date can anything you’ve put effort into. So whether that means you like to go out for a fancy dinner or you and your partner enjoy cosying up at home with a movie. Planning a day for just the two of you doing your favourite things can be the Valentine’s Day gift your partner always wanted.

Valentine's day date

Tasty treats

Food is always a great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift. A warm dessert to enjoy with dinner, or to celebrate this day with the entire family is always a hit. Cooking is also a great way to involve the children on Valentine’s Day. Go all out with a fancy dessert or you can keep it simple, with a cookie jar. Check out ideas for toothsome treats here.

Desserts are great Valentine's Day gifts

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