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5 date night ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The most romantic holiday of the year is upon us, so here are five Valentine’s ideas your partner will love.

From spa days to nights out, indulge you and your partner with these romantic experiences.

Cook a romantic dinner at home

While it’s always fun getting all dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant, there is something to be said for home cooked meals. This is a great option to save money while still creating a cosy night in. You can go all out with candles and music or keep it low-key, spending time together is what counts on this day.

A fancy night on the town

The opposite of a cosy night in would be to head out into the city. Make a reservation at your favourite restaurant or that upscale one, you’ve been dreaming of trying. Indulge in decadent dishes and maybe some wine. Then head out for a walk around the city enjoying the night lights.   

Book a spa day

Who doesn’t deserve a day of rest and relaxation? Book some much needed TLC for you and your partner. Partner massages, facials, and mud baths are just some of the options available. You can also DIY a spa day of your own at home.

Watch a romantic movie

Head out to the theatre or cosy up on the sofa for a romantic movie. A romantic comedy or love story is most appropriate on this holiday that’s filled with love.

Get outdoors

Getting a breath of fresh air is always much needed. Why not plan a romantic weekend away? Somewhere surrounded by nature and picturesque scenery will create enough romance to last until next year. Maybe a weekend away is too much, you can always make a picnic of your own and enjoy it in your local park.

Finally, don’t forget the gifts. Find the perfect gift for you partner to make this romantic day complete.